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Pure Love Labyrinth

#11022 Pure Love Labyrinth

Alternative: ??????? , Jun-ai Labyrinth , Pure Love Labyrinth
Authors/Artists: Nakaji Yuki
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Shoujo

From Mousou Scans: Ogiwara Umi is an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl with an extraordinary older brother. Ogiwara Haruto is an up-and-coming star actor, and everywhere he goes girls call his name. This would be difficult for any little sister, but Umi has it particularly hard ~ she not only has a brother complex, but she’s actually in love with her brother! But perhaps the more important question is ~ does Haruto feel the same?

Junai Labyrinth

#3024 Junai Labyrinth

Alternative: 純愛ラビリンス Jun-ai Labyrinth Pure Love Labyrinth , 純愛ラビリンス , 純愛迷宮 , 纯爱迷宫 , Jun-ai Labyrinth , Pure Love Labyrinth , วงกตสะกดรัก (Thai)
Authors/Artists: Nakaji Yuki
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Shoujo

Ogiwara Umi is an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl with an extraordinary older brother. Ogiwara Haruto is an up-and-coming star actor, and everywhere he goes girls call his name. This would be difficult for any little sister, but Umi has it particularly bad ~ she not only has a brother complex, but she’s actually in love with her brother! But perhaps the more important question is ~ does Haruto feel the same? -- from Mousou Scans

Crown Princess Project

#2883 Crown Princess Project

Alternative: 세자빈 프로젝트 , Sejabin project , Sejabin Project
Authors/Artists: Kim Su Yeon

Joeseon Dynasty, a dynasty most known for its prosperous yet dangerous times... However, some of the history is not written in books... What happened to the life of a little girl living in the Joeseon Dynasty?

Nejimaki Kagyu

#4901 Nejimaki Kagyu

Alternative: ねじまきカギュー , Wind Up Snail , ねじまきカギュー
Authors/Artists: Nakayama Atsushi

Negizawa Kamo once tearfully promised his weak childhood friend Kagyu Jubei that he would grow up to be a teacher who would not stand for bullying. Several years later, as a teacher, he meets Kagyu once more under...strange circumstances to say the least.
While Negizawa was training to become a great teacher, Kagyu (who, like most women, fell for Negizawa) polished her fists so that she could protect him when they met again.
Hilarity ensues as Negizawa strives to become the teacher he once dreamed of being and Kagyu protects his chastity from the numerous women who lust after his sweet behind.

Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar

#2038 Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar

Alternative: ピューと吹く!ジャガー , ピューと吹く!ジャガー , Blow the Flute, Jaguar! , Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar , Blow that Flute! Jaguar
Authors/Artists: Usuta Kyousuke

Piyohiko has a dream: He wants to be a succesfull guitar-player. Then Jaguar pops up, and forces him to play the 'recorder'. Thus ends Piyohiko's noble dream.

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

#10237 Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

Alternative: Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar , Blow the Flute Jaguar! , ???????????
Authors/Artists: Kyosuke , Usuta
Genres: Comedy , Shounen

Piyohiko has a dream: He wants to be a succesfull guitar-player. Then Jaguar pops up, and forces him to play the recorder. Thus ends Piyohiko s noble dream.


#10079 Piece


From Aerandria Scans:
One day, Mizuho, a university student, receive news that her classmate in high school, Origuchi Haruka, passed away. Mizuho doesn't remember being best friends with Origuchi, but apparently, Origuchi told her mother that Mizuho was her best friend. And now, her mother wants Mizuho to help her find the boy Origuchi dated during high school. Mizuho told Origuchi's mother that Origuchi was a very plain girl, and she was never seen with a guy, but her mother told Mizuho that Origuchi got pregnant and had an abortion when she was in high school. Mizuho was shocked, but she still starts asking her other classmates in high school and following the traces Origuchi left behind.

Tasogare wa Karera no Jikan

#5870 Tasogare wa Karera no Jikan

Alternative: 黃昏是屬於他們的時間 , 黄昏は彼らの時間 , Twilight is Their Time
Authors/Artists: Minase Masara
Genres: Supernatural , Yaoi

Unbelievably gorgeous, Ritsuto Okumura has always been able charm anyone whether he wants to or not, even to the point of obsession. Although he is the only member of the current Okumura family who possesses this arcane ability, he dresses conservatively and even obscures his appearance with glasses trying to counteract this strange allure as it only seems to bring him hardship. Against his better judgement he uses his charms to help his cousin with a client who then tracks him down at his workplace, completely infatuated with Ritsuto. While wondering how to safely escape from his stalker, a striking man with long black hair named Luka appears and tells Ritsuto to order his stalker to leave him alone...and he does! Desperate to understand what just happened, Ritsuto follows Luka to his hotel room but instead of explaining Luka pushes him down and tells him, "I want you....It is your destiny to become mine," and thus begins a darkly erotic tale of unearthly love.

GTO: Shonan 14 Days

#757 GTO: Shonan 14 Days


This is a spin-off story of the manga GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka). This takes place directly after the Teshigawara arc[after he was shot by him]

After Eikichi Onizuka was shot by the former teacher Teshigawara, he was sent to the hospital. Shortly afterwards he escaped, then disapeared for 14 days after an incident involving a t.v. appearance. Strangely enough, when he returned, a wanted poster appeared with a man that resembled very much like Onizuka. What exactly did he do during those 14 days? - Original series

Rakuen no Jouken

#8114 Rakuen no Jouken



1. Rakuen no Jouken (The Conditions for Paradise)
Two adult women figuring out the boundaries in their relationship--is too much freedom a bad thing?

2. Hoshi no Mukougawa (Beyond the Stars)
Chapter 1 prequel. It's about how Sarina and Sumi first became more than friends.

3. Bathed in Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees
A continuation of Sarina and Sumi's relationship.

4) 20 Musume x 30 Otome
About an art prep school teacher who feels like she can't compare to her new 20-year-old girlfriend.

5. The Opposite of "Seme" is "Protector"
Chapter 4 sequel. Keiko wants to take things further. There are two more stories in this series in the Lapis Lazuli Dream collection.

6. We're Aiming for Love Now
It's about two women who love each other just as they are.

7. Momo no Aji (Peach Taste)
A girl struggles to convince the object of her affections to take her seriously.

8. Sakurahime Hanafubuki
Set in Japan's past. A knight protects her princess.

Mahoushoujo Kazumi Magica - The Innocent Malice

#660 Mahoushoujo Kazumi Magica - The Innocent Malice



Girl is surrounded by the darkness, with voice calling her out from somewhere.
She escapes from the darkness that is inside a suitcase, what appears before her eyes are an unknown room and an unknown man. Only fragments of memories left, and her name, Kazumi.

Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama

#1104 Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama

Alternative: 執事少女とお嬢様 , Girl Butler and her lady , 少女管家百合史 , Butler Girl and Señorita
Authors/Artists: Sanada Ikki

Hinata is a student at a prestigious all girls private school and looks up to Tsugeyama Saki, the shining star of the school. As the younger sister of Saori, the head mistress of the school, Saki is the most popular girl at school with her warm personality, beauty, top academic skills and is pretty much the perfect girl.

Hinata suddenly learns that her parents got extremely into debt, fled the country and pretty much left her out to dry. The headmistress Saori, out of compassion and seeing the Hinata's importance to the school, makes Hinata an offer to become a butler in return for providing room and board for her. Not having much choice, she accepts and is assigned to none other than Saki. Hinata soon finds out that Saki puts on a façade at school and is not the perfect girl everyone thinks she is.

Source: MangaHelpers


#115 Gintama

Alternative: 銀魂 , 銀魂―ぎんたま― , 긴타마 , Gin Tama , Silver Soul , 은혼 , غينتاما - الروح الفضيه , Сребърна душа ( Bulgarian ) , กินทามะ , 银魂 , Сребърна душа (Bulgarian) , Gümüş Ruh (Turkish) , Gümüş Ruh , Серебряная душа , Гинтама , Jiwa Perak , Сере , S , Bola de Plata , Jiwa , Alma de Plata , 긴타
Authors/Artists: Hideaki , Sorachi , Sorachi Hideaki

The story focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, his (partial) apprentice Shinpachi Shimura, and a teenage alien girl who's from one of the strongest races in existence: yato. All three are "freelancers" known as the Yorozuya. They search for work in order to pay the monthly rent. The story takes place in the Edo Period, but instead of the Europeans invading in the late 1860s they are invaded by aliens, which they call Amanto.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion

#9277 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion

Alternative: Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Jojorion , ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 , ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第8部 ジョジョリオン , ジョジョリオン , Four Ball Run , Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Jojolion , Jojo's Bizarre Adventure , JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Jojolion , JoJo's Bizarre Advent , Four Ball , JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion , JoJo的奇妙冒险 , JoJolion
Authors/Artists: Araki Hirohiko

SERIES 8: An alternative take on Diamond wa Kudakenai

P to JK

#13105 P to JK

Alternative: PとJK , Joshi Kousei , Policeman and High School Girl
Authors/Artists: Miyoshi Maki
Genres: Romance , Shoujo

From ANN:

Female high-schooler Kako met Kouta at a party for adults. Although she gets into a good mood with him, she finds out he's actually a policeman.

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

#129 Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Alternative: オオカミ少女と黒王子 , 狼少女与黑王子 , Black Prince , Wolf Girl and Black Prince , Wolf Girl & Black Prince , Wolf Girl & Black Prince
Authors/Artists: Hatta Ayuko

From Anime-tion Scanlation Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an annonymous guy who turned out to be a a schoolmate of hers and was shortly recognized by her friends. Their conversations then was overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata who gave off the nice-charming feelings guy turns out to be a black prince and used her reasons to blackmail her instead.

Forbidden Kiss

#762 Forbidden Kiss


Haeun has a brother that is a gang leader and pulls things off so that she is blamed for everything. Haeun, who hasn`t even had her first kiss yet, needs to plot revenge. What will happen when she finally kisses someone - and it is not pleasant?

Witch Hunter

#102 Witch Hunter

Alternative: 猎巫神影 , 위치헌터 , Thợ săn Phù thủy (Vietnamese) , Wicth Hunter , Thợ săn phù thủy , Raganų medžiotojas (Lithuanian) , Охотник на ведьм(Russian)
Authors/Artists: Cho Jung-man

Witches suddenly declare war against humans, causing two-thirds of the world to fall apart. They summon monsters called Supporters and devastate human residences... but why? Survivors gather people with the power to combat the witches and called them Witch Hunters! Tasha Godspell is one of the strongest nicknamed The Marksman along with his Jack-O-Lantern looking Supporter. He fights the witches but cannot really bring himself to hate them...

Yuusen Shoujo - Plug-in Girl

#7358 Yuusen Shoujo - Plug-in Girl


From DrCoke at MangaHelpers: Six years ago, Tsukihiko was caught in an assassination attempt on a little girl, Sami, when he attempted to be her shield. This incident nearly killed him and the girl together, but the little girl was the daughter of an extremely powerful family. With its vast amount of resources, the family was able to keep both Tsukihiko and Sami alive by recreating both of their bodies with cyborg technology. This has forced Sami to permanently rely on wired connection to her life sustaining computer. On the other hand, Tsukihiko has become a cyborg "Knight," sworn to protect Sami from harms way.


#9458 Ojojojo

Alternative: おじょじょじょ , おじょじょじょ
Authors/Artists: Cool Kyoushinsha

Jigokumeguri Haru is the heiress of one of the largest business empires in all of Japan. She is not only rich, but also practically a celebrity. However, partly because of her heritage and partly because of her arrogant and aloof behavior, she has always been isolated from her peers and has never been able to make friends. Thus she has – without success so far – transferred from school to school to finally find a place where she would be accepted. This only begins to change when she meets her new classmate Kawayanagi Tsurezure, an outcast weirdo that dresses in 20th century fashion, talks little and smiles even less. Being both somewhat socially awkward, they thus begin an unexpected friendship.

Natsume Yuujinchou

#2005 Natsume Yuujinchou

Alternative: 夏目友人帳 , 妖怪联络簿 , Natsume Yūjin-Chō , The Natsume Book of Friends
Authors/Artists: Midorikawa , Midorikawa Yuki , Yuki

Natsume is just an ordinary kid, except he can see spirits, just like his grandma Reiko could. Reiko, though, used to bully the spirits, and bound them to her will in the Book of Friends. Now that Natsume has inherited this book, a never-ending stream of spirits is coming after him. With the help of a spirit cat; (who really just wants Natsume to die so he can have the book), Natsume spends his days dissolving the contracts that bind the spirits and trying not to get killed.

Hayate no Gotoku!

#100 Hayate no Gotoku!

Alternative: ハヤテのごとく , ハヤテのごとく! , 旋风管家 , 하야테처럼 , Hayate the Combat Butler! , Hayate Mayordomo de Combate (Spanish) , ฮายาเตะ พ่อบ้านประจัญบาน (Thai) , ฮายาเตะพ่อบ้านประจัญบาน , ハヤテのごとく! , Chàng Quản Gia , 负债管家后宫史 , Hayate le Majordome , Hayate no Gotoku , Hayate the Combat Butler , Hayat , Hayate , 하야테처럼! , Hayate, Mayordomo de Combate , هاياتي الخادم المقاتل
Authors/Artists: Hata Kenjiro

Ayasaki Hayate is only 16 years old when he’s abandoned, leaving him to fend for himself against the yakuza, who are after his organs to settle his parents’ massive gambling debt.

Looking for a way to somehow acquire 157 million yen before he is cut up by gangsters, he stumbles upon a rich girl whom he can kidnap and ransom. The only problem: he’s a terrible criminal, and ends up saving her life from other would-be kidnappers and apparently confesses his love for her.

In order to work off his debt, the girl, Nagi (who is convinced that Hayate is in love with her), and her maid Maria (who knows otherwise), allow him to work as a butler at their mansion. Hayate’s tenure as a butler is not easy, however, and is filled with talking tigers, homicidal robots, jealous relatives, and overarching hilarity.

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

#176 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Alternative: 月刊少女野崎くん , Gekkan Shojo Nozaki Kun , Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun , げっかんしょうじょのざきくん , 月刊少女野崎君
Authors/Artists: Tsubaki Izumi

Sakura Chiyo confesses to her crush, Nozaki-kun, but he mistakes her as a fan! Unable to convey her feelings, what happens when he invites her to his house? Find out in this hilarious series!


#35 Noblesse

Alternative: 노블레스 (Korean) , النبلاء (Arabic) , Adelskap (Swedish) , Дворянство (Russian) , Nemesség (hungarian) , Szlachectwo (Polish) , Nobleţe (Romanian) , Nobleza (español) , האצילות (Hebrew) , Kilmingieji (Lithuanian) , Благородство (Bulgarian) , Nobreza (Portuguese) , Noblesse (French) , ???? , Adel (German) , maharlika(filipino) , 貴人 (Japanese) , Asiller (Turkish) , Adel (Norwegian) , نجیب زاده (Perian) , উচ্চ মর্যাদার দায়িত্ব (Bengali) , Bangsawan , 노블레스 , Nobilime , Noblete , Soylular , Szlachta , نجیب زاده ها , Благороднейший , Племенитост(Serbian) , Golongan Bangsawan (Malay)

A vampire wakes up from a 820 year slumber in contemporary South Korea. As the being adapts to his surroundings, he accidentally enrolls at a school...

80 Tian Zhengjiu Shijie

#11000 80 Tian Zhengjiu Shijie

Authors/Artists: Malu

Kuini and Yilou must travel to Baoze, an unknown village, to prevent a nameless threat, or the world will end in 80 days. Along the way, they team up with the apprentice artist Lang, who is also traveling to Baoze to find the mythical dragons. The way to Baoze is filled with danger, mystery, mischief, and… fatal hilarity.

Will they ever get to their destination?

Choujigen Game Neptune - Megami Tsuushin

#10415 Choujigen Game Neptune - Megami Tsuushin

Alternative: 超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ -めがみつうしん- , Choujigen Game Neptune , Hyperdimension Neptunia , 超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ -めがみつうしん- , Choujigen Game Neptune (BAMYUUDA Saimaru) , Hyperdimension Neptunia (BAMYUUDA Saimaru)
Authors/Artists: Bamyuuda Saimaru , Compile Heart

There was a parallel universe called, Gamindustri. A long time ago, in Gamindustri, a big incident took place. But the conspiracy of the 4 continent's hard driven goddesses, crushed it and brought peace. This is the story of what happened after the goddesses resolved the incident.

Based on the ps3 series of games, the games poke fun at several facts and details of the gaming industry; even to the point were character names are affected. For example "Neptunia" is a reference to the Sega's unreleased "Neptune".

Chousuinou Kei - Makafushigi Jiken File

#9591 Chousuinou Kei - Makafushigi Jiken File


The plot follows Kei Kazaoka a high school sophomore who has an "ultra" computer embedded in his brain. He uses his increased intelligence to help the police with weird and mystery cases, that go beyond the normal bounds of reasoning. Most of these cases are related to the supernatural and magical.

Usotsuki Ouji to Nisemono Kanojo

#11973 Usotsuki Ouji to Nisemono Kanojo

Alternative: 嘘つき王子とニセモノ彼女 , The lying prince and the fake girl
Authors/Artists: Miasa Rin

Narumi Luna is a high school student who only wants to make friends, but her tough appearance keeps everyone at bay. When she rescues a black cat from a cruel fate, she gets kicked out of her apartment. With nowhere to go, a chance encounter with the school's elite saves the day...?

Toukyou Genji Monogatari (OZAKI Minami)

#12372 Toukyou Genji Monogatari (OZAKI Minami)

Alternative: 東京ゲンジ物語 , Genji the Death's Friend , Tokyo Genji Monogari (OZAKI Minami)
Authors/Artists: Amagi Seimaru

"People often die around me."

A series of bizarre "deaths" stalk Genji, while a string of haunting memories and mystery surround him, all rooted in his childhood. A dear friend, a murder, and a curse. As more and more "deaths" unravel, the horrifying truth behind the origin grows ever more entangled. Seemingly the only keys to solve these mysteries, are the charismatic shinigami Touya, and Genji's own memories.

Kindaichi Case Files writer Seimaru Amagi and Zetsuai creator Minami Ozaki come together to bring you a gripping mystery surrounding the past, memories, and the chain of deaths.

Boku no Ushiro ni Majo ga Iru

#6417 Boku no Ushiro ni Majo ga Iru

Alternative: 僕の後ろに魔女がいる , 僕の後ろに魔女がいる , There's a Witch Behind Me
Authors/Artists: Yamada Hitsuji

Nanri Ryusuke has transferred schools 3 times this year because of his parents’ divorce and he is determined to make a good impression at this new school because it appears that he's staying for good this time. However, his seat is in front of the weird girl in the class, Fujimori Miya, who claims she is a witch and who everyone in the school avoids. Miya, for some odd reason, takes a creepy interest in Ryusuke and makes him the subject of all her crazy experiments and spells.

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