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Soul Cartel

#1625 Soul Cartel

Alternative: 소울 카르텔 , Soul Cartel [KIM Eun-hyo (Haram) / KIM Yeong-ji] , KIM Eun-hyo (Haram) / KIM Yeong-ji

A beginning of an action packed fantasy adventure of a boy who makes a contract with the devil

Black Haze

#717 Black Haze

Alternative: 블랙 헤이즈
Authors/Artists: [add] , Dydyddl7

After a mission gone awry, the doubtful main character, Rood, is sent to a famous magic school, Helios. Here, he must protect an important person's son who has a very bad time at the school.

Hajime no Ippo

#54 Hajime no Ippo

Alternative: はじめの一歩 , 第一神拳 , Fight Ippo !! , Fighting Spirit , Hajime no Ippo. The Fighting! , HnI , Ippo , Ippo, la rage de vaincre , Knockout , Первый шаг. Дух борьбы (Russian) , ก้าวแรกสู่สังเวียน (Thai) , Primul Pas (Română) , The Fighting! Ippo , The Fighting! , Fighting Spi
Authors/Artists: Morikawa George , Morikawa Jyoji
Genres: Action , Comedy , Drama , Shounen , Sports

Magunochi Ippo is an ordinary high school student in Japan. Since he spends most of his time away from school helping his mother run the family business, he doesn't get to enjoy his younger years like most teenagers. Always a target for bullying at school (the family fishing business grants him a distinct odor), Ippo's life is one of hardship. One of these after-school bullying sessions turns Ippo's life around for the better, as he is saved by a boxer named Takamura. He decides to follow in Takamura's footsteps and train to become a boxer, giving his life direction and purpose. Ippo's path to perfecting his pugilistic prowess is just beginning.

Shoukoku no Altair (MIKIMOTO Rin)

#14271 Shoukoku no Altair (MIKIMOTO Rin)

Alternative: Close Range Love
Authors/Artists: Mikimoto Rin

Uni Kururugi is a straight faced high school girl who always wears a kitty hair clip to make something about her cute. Her teacher, Haruka Sakurai is a ladies man that all the female students want. But he is interested in Uni...


#432 Wonted

Alternative: 원티드 , Wonted: Cacophony
Authors/Artists: Lucks

From: Shiro Nabi

There are three different types of people in this world:
Those that are born ordinary,
Those that were born ordinary but can change,
And those who are born with special powers...

The first arc is about the past of the two main characters.
The second arc - Wonted Cacophony- is the official 'Wonted' set six years later.

Original webcomic

Osu!! Karatebu

#1878 Osu!! Karatebu

Alternative: 押忍!!空手部 , Go!! Karate Club , Osu!! Karate Bu
Authors/Artists: Takahashi Kouji

The series began as a fairly humorous and lighthearted satire of Japan's teenage delinquent-gang subculture told from the perspective of Matsushita Tadashi (who also narrates these early Karate Bu stories), a 2nd year student at Kangokou High and a constant target of Kangokou's numerous bullies who beat him up routinely after school. He is almost always accompanied by his best friend Saitou Takaki, who is also constantly harassed. As the pair grow increasingly tired of being victimized they decide to join the titular Karate Club, which is notorious throughout Osaka's youth gangs for training and producing the city's most hardened and toughest teenage thugs while maintaining the facade of a legit school sports club. But when they join the club, they find themselves picked on just as much if not worse by the club's current members. But as the story progresses they grow to be increasingly capable fighters. Along with the manga's change in attitude and central character, the various teenage fighters throughout the series grew increasingly stronger and even began to tap into superhuman ki abilities, putting Osu!! Karate Bu in the company of other similar epic Sh?nen fighting manga such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, and Fist of the North Star. Osu!! Karate Bu was wildly popular in its native Japan, but is otherwise almost completely unknown in most other countries. It spawned a four episode OVA mini-series released over a period of two years from 1990-1992, a 1990 live action movie, and a 1994 Super Famicom fighting game.

Boarding House Dorothy

#13473 Boarding House Dorothy


A contemporary story where fairy tales (Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) suddenly gets mixed up with reality.

Ah! Seishun no Koushien

#9424 Ah! Seishun no Koushien

Alternative: ああ!青春の甲子園
Authors/Artists: Adachi Mitsuru , Yamasaki Juuzou
Genres: Comedy , Romance , Shoujo , Sports

Combining some of the early works of Adachi Mitsuru, these books include the two stories Hatsukoi Koshien and Nakimushi Koushien, respectively covering 2 and 4 volumes. Both are focused on baseball youth and the desire to reach Koushien, the famous stage of the high school baseball national championships. Volume 7 and the end of Volume 6 contain a selection of short stories.

Volume 1-2:
-Hatsukoi Koshien part 1-2, +10 page omake

Volume 3-5:
-Nakimushi Koshien part 1-3

Volume 6:
-Nakimushi Koshien part 4
-Ace Futari

Volume 7:
-Seishun Icchokusen
-Aozora Tsurete Teruteru Bouzu
-Kitakaze Karakara

DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything

#5131 DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything

Alternative: 다이스(DICE , النرد: المكعب الذي يغير كل شيئ , 다이스(DICE) , 다이스 (DICE) , Кости
Authors/Artists: Yun Hyeon Seok , Yun Hyun Suk , Yunhyunseok

Dongtae is rock bottom in everything.
Looks, grades, life, everything.
But all that might change.

If you could change your life by playing a game, would you?

Original Webtoon / English Version by Naver

Super Doctor K

#13968 Super Doctor K

Alternative: スーパードクターK , ซุปเปอร์ดอกเตอร์ K , Bác Sĩ Kazu
Authors/Artists: Mafune Kazuo
Genres: Action , Drama , Shounen

#615 Fantasista

Alternative: ファンタジスタ , 球场幻想曲
Authors/Artists: Kusaba , Kusaba Michiteru , Michiteru
Genres: Shounen , Sports

Teppei Sakamoto is a boy living in the countryside. He loves soccer, and all his soccer skills were taught to him by his sister. Finally, his sister wants him to join in Mizumoto High School soccer team. Teppei's turn in life has come!! How will this soccer newbie fare in the new environment?

Addicted to Curry

#381 Addicted to Curry

Alternative: カレーなるしょくたく , カレーなる食卓 , 华丽咖喱食桌 , 華麗なる食卓 , 화려한 식탁 , Karei naru Shokutaku , Curry naru Shokutaku , Beroende av curry (Swedish) , Avhengig av curry (Norwegian) , اعتیاد به کاری(persian-farsi) , Karei naru Shokut , Adicto al Curry , Curr
Authors/Artists: Funatsu , Funatsu Kazuki , Kazuki

Makito Koenji is a curry chef with a mysterious past who helps Yui Sonezaki keep her father\'s curry restaurant, Ganesha, open through a lack of customers, a hostile takeover attempt by a huge company, and many other challenges. Get addicted... to Curry.

Billion Dogs

#13695 Billion Dogs

Alternative: ビリオンドッグズ
Authors/Artists: Kaneshiro Muneyuki , Serizawa Naoki
Genres: Action , Shounen

Ichiru Mizunuma is the student council president at the prestigious Ichimatsu High School.
Shockingly, he is stabbed by fellow student and council vice president Kyosuke Hino.
What is Kyosuke's motive?
What is the badly injured Ichiru's secret plan?
From the accomplished duo, writer Muneyuki Kaneshiro (As The Gods Will - The Second Series) and illustrator Naoki Serizawa (SARU LOCK), Billion Dogs is a fresh and exciting high school picaresque manga!

Imperial Academy

#9697 Imperial Academy

Alternative: 학원제국 , Vua xa lộ , Hagwon Jeguk
Authors/Artists: Han Yu Rang , Han Yu-rang

On Christmas eve, a girl dressed in a Santa Claus suit rides a motorcycle so fast that even the gangsters find it hard to keep up... What will happen if the police waiting in ambush catches hold of her mistaking her for a notorious gang leader called SKR?

Niji no Tani no An

#13696 Niji no Tani no An

Alternative: 虹の谷のアン , Anne in Rainbow Valley , Rainbow Valley
Authors/Artists: Hara Chieko , Lucy Maud Montgomery
Genres: Shoujo , Slice Of Life

Based on the 7th book in the "Anne of Green Gables" series - Rainbow Valley.

Mayonaka no X Giten

#12079 Mayonaka no X Giten

Alternative: Mayonaka no Cross Method , Mayonaka no X Giten (Method) , Mayonaka no X Method , Midnight Cross Method
Authors/Artists: Bareisho , Yamaguchi Mikoto

Hiroki has a NEET Shut-in for an older sister, which leads him to always think "It's better to be a girl!" While taking care of his lazy self-centered sister Yui, he has finally had enough of her behaviour, and snaps at her. Griping about his sister, Hiroki mutters "I wish we weren't related", and accesses a mysterious website address. The website claims to allow you to enter the body of another person, as long as you are willing to make your own body available as well. Skeptical, Hiroki tries the service and winds up in the body of popular idol Mikuriya Mikuni. While spending time as Mikuni, Hiroki is involved in finding out a secret about her he'd rather not. At the same time, when seeking to go back to his own body, the person occupying it tells him something outrageous has just happened! What happened to Hiroki's body during the incident? And what is the idol Mikuni's big secret? Be witness to the suspense as these mysteries pile up!

Illegal Rare

#8667 Illegal Rare

Alternative: イリーガル・レア , イリーガル・レア
Authors/Artists: Shiibashi Hiroshi

From MangaHelpers: Supernatural creatures live alongside humans, but these "rares" are being hunted to extinction over time. An organization is being formed to protect these rares, and allow them to live their lives as they like. The starting members of this organization are few; there's the masked Fukumen, the Black Vampyr king AxL, and they are soon joined by the sweet-voiced mermaid Mirror. Together, they will protect the rares from the deadly hunters! [tethysdust]

Toukyou Kushu

#51 Toukyou Kushu

Alternative: Tokyo Ghoul , Tokyo Kushu , Tokyo Kusyu , Toukyou Kushu (Ghoul) , 东京食尸鬼 , 東京喰種トーキョーグール , 東京喰種 , トーキョーグール , Toukyou Kushu , Toukyou Ghoul
Authors/Artists: Ishida Sui

Strange murders are happening in Tokyo. Due to liquid evidence at the scene, the police conclude the attacks are the results of 'eater' type ghouls. College buddies Kaneki and Hide come up with the idea that ghouls are imitating humans so that's why they haven't ever seen one. Little did they know that their theory may very well become reality.


Tetsugaku Letra

#7543 Tetsugaku Letra

Alternative: Tetsugaku Letora , 鉄楽レトラ , 鉄楽レトラ , Tetsugaku Retora
Authors/Artists: Sahara Mizu

In middle school, Ichinose Kimitaka taught his friends how to play basketball. Despite his experience with the sport, his friends quickly outmatched him in skill. After an incident brought on by his frustration and jealousy, he was crushed to overhear those same 'friends' discussing how they wished he'd just kill himself. On his way to toss out his special basketball shoes, he met a girl who was just as frustrated, throwing her own dancing shoes away. She was so tall, and her hands and feet are so large, that she had been rejected from her chosen hobby of Spanish dancing. He urged her to give basketball a try, and the two exchanged their shoes instead of throwing them away. As he enters high school, Kimitaka learns that meeting him changed that girl's life for the better, and she is now a happy, social basketball player. Will Kimitaka be able to find the courage to make new friends and pursue his own talents?

Kinkyori Renai

#302 Kinkyori Renai

Alternative: 近キョリ恋愛 , Close Range Love , รักใกล้ตัวของสาวอัจฉริยะ (Thai) , 近距離戀愛 , Close to you (italian)
Authors/Artists: Mikimoto Rin

From Osuwari Team:

Uni is a prodigy with a cool reserve who is accomplished in everything except for English. One day, she insults her temporary English teacher and he overhears her. He asks her to come to his office after school and, somehow, she starts receiving private tutoring from him?!

From Manga Abyss

Uni Kururugi is a straight faced high school girl who always wears a kitty hair clip to make something about her cute. Her teacher, Haruka Sakurai is a ladies man that all the female students want. But he is interested in Uni...

Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata

#417 Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata

Alternative: やさしいセカイのつくりかた , 温柔世界的养成法 , A Methed to Make a Gentle World , A Method to Make a Gentle World , How to Make a Gentle World , A Methed to Make the Gentle World , 打造温柔心世界 , A methed to make a gentle World , A Method to Make the World Gentle , A Way to Make a Gentle World , A M
Authors/Artists: Takeba Kumiko

Yuu Tomonoga is a genius who was accepted to an American university at the young age of 13 and later accepted into the university's graduate program. Unfortunately, he loses funding for his research, but decides to drop out and continue the research on his own. He travels back to Japan in hopes of getting funding, but he quickly runs out of money for daily living. Luckily, he gets a call from an old friend and accepts his offer to teach at an all-girls school.

Orange (TAKANO Ichigo)

#9133 Orange (TAKANO Ichigo)

Alternative: オレソジ
Authors/Artists: Takano Ichigo

From Day of the River:

One day, Takamiya Naho receives a letter written to herself from ten years in the future. As Naho reads on, the letter recites the exact events of the day, including the transfer of a new student into her class named Naruse Kakeru.

The Naho from ten years later repeatedly states that she has many regrets, and she wants to fix these by making sure the Naho from the past can make the right decisions—especially regarding Kakeru. What's more shocking is that she discovers that ten years later, Kakeru will no longer be with them. Future Naho asks her to watch over him closely.

Ai to Kairaku no Jouken

#8717 Ai to Kairaku no Jouken

Alternative: 愛と快楽の条件 , 爱与快乐的条件 , Ai to Keraku no Jouken , Requirements for Love and Pleasure , 愛と快楽の条件 , 爱与快乐的条件
Authors/Artists: Kanda Neko
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Yaoi

From Shinmakoku Scanlations:

My name is Tamaki. I always loved the night life where I could have as many guys as I want. Until one night, I slept with Gunji-san, an ordinary salaryman. Since then, no man can arouse me. Have I been dried up? At my age? How could it be possible!? And then, when coincidentally I met Gunji-san again, my body instantly burns with passion…

Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome

#209 Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome

Alternative: My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san , 我妻さんは俺のヨメ , 我妻同学是我的老婆 , 我妻さんは俺のヨメ , 我妻同学是我的老婆 , Wagatsuma-san ha Ore na Yome
Authors/Artists: Kuraishi Yuu , Nishikida Keishi

Aoshima Hitoshi is a second year student in high school, who wishes he had a girlfriend. One day he wakes up for an unknown reason 10 years in the future, and he is married to the prettiest girl in school, Wagatsuma Ai! How has their relationship grown from mere acquaintances to husband and wife!?

Kamisama no Iutoori Ni

#5618 Kamisama no Iutoori Ni

Alternative: 神さまの言うとおり弐 , Kamisama no Iutoori 2 , Kamisama no Iutoori II , 诚如神之所说II , Like God Says 2 , Kamisama no Iutoori Ni , As the Gods Will - The Second Series
Authors/Artists: Fujimura Akeji , Kaneshiro Muneyuki

Takahata Shun's day at high school begins just as normal and boring as ever, but it doesn't end that way. After his teacher's head explodes, he and his classmates find themselves forced to play children's games, such as Daruma ga Koronda (a game like Red Light/Green Light), with deadly stakes. With no idea who is behind this mysterious deadly game session, and no way of knowing when it will finally end, the only thing Shun and other students can do is keep trying to win...

Koe no Katachi

#310 Koe no Katachi

Alternative: The Shape of Voice , 聲の形 , La façon de parler , A Silent Voice , 声之形
Authors/Artists: Oima Yoshitoki , Ooima Yoshitoki

I wish we had never met. I wish we could meet once again. A boy who can hear, Shoya Ishida, and a transfer student who can’t, Shoko Nishimiya. One fateful day, the two meet, and Shoya leads the class in bullying Shoko. But before long, the class shifts its target from Shoko to Shoya. Years later, Shoya feels strongly that he must see Shoko once again.

A one-shot about a grade school class that accepts a girl with impaired hearing. Everything is not as happy as it seems.

Although this one-shot won the 80th Weekly Shounen Magazine Newbie Best Mangaka Award, the vector of the content made it difficult for publication on any manga magazine until it was picked up after months of legal dispute by the February edition of Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, where it won first place.

This one-shot was recently publicized again on the 12th issue of the 2013 Weekly Shounen Magazine and serialized on the 36th-37th double issue of the same year.

UQ Holder!

#365 UQ Holder!


In the decade since the world became aware of the existence of magic, the world has undergone massive upheaval. However, a boy named Touta lives in seclusion in a rural town far removed from these changes. His ordinary life is highlighted by his magic-using female teacher and his supportive friends. When his tranquil daily life is disrupted, he embarks on a unique adventure.

Chocolat - Maid Cafe "Curio"

#11308 Chocolat - Maid Cafe "Curio"

Alternative: ショコラ maid cafe “curio” , ショコラ~maid cafe“curio” , ショコラ maid cafe “curio” , ショコラ~maid cafe“curio”
Authors/Artists: Kirihara Idumi
Genres: Comedy , Shounen

This is the story of the workers in the Maid Cafe Curio, based on the video game. The current shop manager, Daisuke, is a young man standing in for his newly remarried and traveling father. He must deal with all the quirky young ladies who work at the maid cafe, including his newest hire, the runaway rich girl Misato, who doesn't know the first thing about working at a maid cafe. Other workers include Daisuke's new stepsister Suzu, the aggressive floor chief Midori, the clumsy chef Sayaka, the absent-minded waitress Imako, and the academic-minded Kanako.

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san

#12043 Yuri Seijin Naoko-san

Alternative: 百合星人ナオコサン , 百合星人奈绪子美眉 , The Yurian Naoko-san , Yuri Seijin Naokosan , Yurian Naokosan
Authors/Artists: Kashmir

Living with an alien was something Misuzu never imagined would happen, but when it does, you just have to roll with the punches. Naoko is from another world, but you wouldn’t think that since she looks just like another school girl. But her weird but pleasant personality and the advanced technology she has brought makes living with her anything but normal. Misuzu and her family make her feel part of the family and try to go about their daily lives.

Shuukyuu Shoujo

#267 Shuukyuu Shoujo

Alternative: 蹴球少女 , Football Girl , Túc Cầu Thiếu Nữ
Authors/Artists: Wakamiya Hiroaki

Yuuki kun was one of the star players on his junior high school team; along with his childhood friend Shinichi. Due to a promise that he made with his female childhood friend Miyuki, Yuuki kun has decided to take the long road to the J League by joining a normal school club and winning tournaments, instead of taking recommendations like Shinichi did....

When he checks the club of his selected school, the best club in the country; he quickly notices that the club is completely devoid of any members except for a weird girl that goes by the name of the Fujisaki Rin. She along with her friend Ayane seem to have driven everyone out of the team....

But is it really that Rin and Ayane want to dissolve the soccer club? or could they possible want something else??.... And just what is exactly the promise that Yuuki did with his childhood friends? Well, regardless of the answers it seems that Yuuki isn't in for a smooth sailing, as he completely seems to have fallen into Fujisaki's hands...

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

#36 Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Alternative: 山田くんと7人の魔女 , 山田君与7位魔女 , Yamada and the Seven Witches , Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo , 山田くんと7人の魔女 , 山田君与7位魔女 , Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo , 山田君と7人の魔女 , 山田和七个魔女 , Yamada-kun dan Tujuh Ahli Sihir (Malay) , Yamada y las Siete Brujas (Español) , يامادا والساحرات السبعة (arabic) , Yamada dan Tujuh Ahli Sihir (Malay) , Si Yamada at ang Pitong Mangkukulam (Filipino)
Authors/Artists: Yoshikawa Miki

Ryuu Yamada is a second year student at Suzaku High. Ryu is always late for school, naps in class and gets abysmal grades. His life is a dead bore. The beautiful Urara Shiraishi, on the other hand, is Suzaku High's brightest student. One day, without explanation, their bodies are swapped! Ryu ends up in Urara's body, and Urara in Ryu's.

The Host-man

#13348 The Host-man

Alternative: ホスト漫 , The Host-man
Authors/Artists: Kinoshita Satoshi
Genres: Comedy

Shota Kobayashi (30) is a total loser.
Although he's never had a girlfriend, he really wants to be a shojo manga artist!
In order to write a successful story, this totally uncool, downright ugly guy decides the best way to really understand girls... is to brave the world of host clubs!
The events of this manga are based on the (shy, non-drinking) author's own experiences working as a host!
No matter what you've heard about host clubs, this "50% true" comedy is a story you won't want to miss!

Hayate no Gotoku!

#94 Hayate no Gotoku!

Alternative: ハヤテのごとく , ハヤテのごとく! , 旋风管家 , 하야테처럼 , Hayate the Combat Butler! , Hayate Mayordomo de Combate (Spanish) , ฮายาเตะ พ่อบ้านประจัญบาน (Thai) , ฮายาเตะพ่อบ้านประจัญบาน , ハヤテのごとく! , Chàng Quản Gia , 负债管家后宫史 , Hayate le Majordome , Hayate no Gotoku , Hayate the Combat Butler , Hayat , Hayate , 하야테처럼! , Hayate, Mayordomo de Combate , هاياتي الخادم المقاتل
Authors/Artists: Hata Kenjiro

Ayasaki Hayate is only 16 years old when he’s abandoned, leaving him to fend for himself against the yakuza, who are after his organs to settle his parents’ massive gambling debt.

Looking for a way to somehow acquire 157 million yen before he is cut up by gangsters, he stumbles upon a rich girl whom he can kidnap and ransom. The only problem: he’s a terrible criminal, and ends up saving her life from other would-be kidnappers and apparently confesses his love for her.

In order to work off his debt, the girl, Nagi (who is convinced that Hayate is in love with her), and her maid Maria (who knows otherwise), allow him to work as a butler at their mansion. Hayate’s tenure as a butler is not easy, however, and is filled with talking tigers, homicidal robots, jealous relatives, and overarching hilarity.

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday

Harigane Service

#8630 Harigane Service

Alternative: ハリガネサービス , ハリガネサービス
Authors/Artists: [add] , Ara Tatsuya
Genres: Shounen , Sports
Parfait Tic

#356 Parfait Tic

Alternative: パフェちっく! , 爱似百汇 , Pafe Chikku , Pafechikku , Pafechikku! , Parfait Tic! , Perfect Chick! , Parfait Tic
Authors/Artists: Nagamu , Nanaji , Nanaji Nagamu

Fuuko is a happy and cheerful girl. One day, two boys, Daiya and Ichi, move into the apartment upstairs. Cold Ichi and mischievous Daiya gave a very bad first impression! All three are going to the same school as well! How will Fuuko's high school life turn out?

Aku no Higan - Beyond Evil

#13228 Aku no Higan - Beyond Evil

Authors/Artists: Miura , Ogino
Genres: Shounen , Supernatural

What would you do if money could be exchanged for life?

Sell ten years of life for a fortune, or give up everything to buy one more year.

At the age of 17, a high school boy who has it all together meets a man with superpowers that are both godly and demonic.

Through a deadly struggle for his life, he stumbles upon a world "on the other side"!

Take a cold look at the fixation on human life in this sharply illustrated dark fantasy!

Black Yome ni Yoroshiku!

#7120 Black Yome ni Yoroshiku!

Alternative: Regards to Black Wife! , ブラック嫁によろしく!
Authors/Artists: Akai Maruboro

Shinta, a normal highschooler on his way to school, gets (yet again) into an accident, but instead of dying, he is saved by a girl wearing nothing but black. She says that she is a shinigami and has come to become his wife, as promised. By the author of Kamen no maid guy, a perverted comedy with a shameless main character!

Hana ni Nare

#620 Hana ni Nare

Alternative: 如花似玉 , 花になれっ! , Become A Flower , Flower Garden Special Review , Hana ni Nare , Búp bê xinh (Vietnamese) , Maging Bulaklak( Filipino )
Authors/Artists: Miyagi Riko

From Condensation:

Momo Yamada wanted to be a flower when she grew up, but she's blossomed into nothing more than a rather homely teenager. When her grandmother passes away, Momo becomes a live-in maid for the two sons of a elegant fashion designer. After the eccentric eldest son, Ranmaru, gives Momo the makeover of her life, she discovers that her mother was a legendary Hanabito, a beautiful woman who has a divinely intoxicating scent that draws men to her like bees to nectar. What's more, Momo learns that she, too, gives off that same irresistable aroma. Although she and Ranmaru have fallen in love, their relationship now must withstand constant assault from handsome boys and men who desire to abduct and seduce Momo.

*Also contains the following stories:
• Akuma no Himegimi (The Devil and the Princess) in vol. 1
• Kamisama Shikkaku (God's Disqualification) in vol. 1
• Hanamaru Scoop! (Flower Garden Special Review) in vol. 2


#8172 Seifuku!

Alternative: せいふく! , The High-School Uniform! , せいふく!にっ , Seifuku! 2 , Seifuku! Ni! , The High-School Uniform! 2
Authors/Artists: Attsun

Yuusuke is a guy who loves flat-chested girls. On his first day in high school, he meets the girl of his dreams who is also his sempai, named Momoka. She asks him to join her club, which is in trouble due to the lack of members. Despite his childhood friend’s warning, he decides to join the notorious and mysterious club…

Abide in the Wind

#662 Abide in the Wind

Alternative: 바람이 머무는 난 (Korean) , 바람이 머무는 난 , Abide by the Wind
Authors/Artists: Shin Weol

One day, there began the story of a girl who faces the last dragon on Earth.

Tera Girl

#14123 Tera Girl

Alternative: テラガール , 寺ガール , Tera-Girl
Authors/Artists: Mizusawa Megumi
Genres: Shoujo

Satoru, Hikari, and Ogami are three sisters whose dad is a Buddhist priest. They all have different views on living in a temple. Satoru, the oldest, doesn't really mind, but she wants to be a doctor, so her focus is medical school. Ogami, the youngest, hates it and goes to a school far away so that none of her classmates will know about her family. Hikari, the middle sister, loves it, and since both her sisters are uninterested in taking over from their dad, she is the de facto heir.

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru

#136 Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru

Alternative: カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる (Japanese) , 迷雾中的蝴蝶 (Chinese) , , Liebeslügen (deutsch) , Lovely Love Lie (French) , Liebeslügen (Deutsch) , Sweetheart, I Lied About Loving You , Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru , カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる , 女友为这谎言而狂 , 她愛上了我的謊 , รักวุ่นวายของนายตัวป่วน (ไทย) , 迷雾中的蝴蝶 , Bướm , Bướm trong sương mù , Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru , Pequeñas Mentiras Piadosas (Spanish) , That Girl Loves to Lie
Authors/Artists: Aoki , Aoki Kotomi , Kotomi

Him (Aki, age 25): The super-successful sound creator who does all of the composing for the super-popular band Crude Play. His girlfriend is a singer in the limelight? A high-school age girl with glasses!? And as it so happens, he’s in love with a high school student who doesn’t know his true identity at all! Her (Riko, age 16): The poster girl of the Koeda Greengrocer. She started a band with her childhood friend because she’s a big fan of Crude Play’s Shinya. But her boyfriend’s in the band…

Doulou Dalu

#8365 Doulou Dalu

Alternative: 斗罗大陆 , Combat Continent , Soul Land
Authors/Artists: Mu Feng Chun , Tang Jia San Shao

Tang Sect, the most famous martial arts sect of all. By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams, Tang San committed an unforgivable crime. With his ambition attained, he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearsome “Hell’s Peak.”

But he could have never imagined that this would take him to another world, one without magic, martial arts, and grudges. A land where only the mystical souls of battle lay.

The continent of Douro.

How will Tang San survive in this unknown environment? With a new road to follow, a new legend begins…


#10340 Ilya

Alternative: ilya , 일리아
Authors/Artists: Deokhwa Hong , N/a
Tale of Eun Aran

#6652 Tale of Eun Aran


The Masters of Murim lives hiding in plain sight! But robot humans are hunting them down! A random boy gets caught in middle of all this and this is his survival story!

Rikugun Renai Shikan Gakkou

#13673 Rikugun Renai Shikan Gakkou

Alternative: 陸軍恋愛士官学校 , Imperial Army Love Academy
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Adult , Comedy , Historical , Romance , Yaoi

From Fantasy Shrine:

The Instructor Demands ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE!!
A Forceful Love Between An Army Officer And His Student!?

During WWII in Japan, Yamato came to the Imperial Army Academy with the dream of becoming an officer! However, during his entrance exam, an elite instructor named Onizuka pushed him down—!!

The super scandalous love between an egotistic instructor and a prideful top student on campus!!

Horizon (OKADA Takuya)

#11853 Horizon (OKADA Takuya)

Alternative: ホライズン (岡田卓也)
Authors/Artists: Okada Takuya [add]
Genres: Action , Historical

Genghis Khan was the greatest hero in human history.
This story illustrates the miraculous events in the breathtakingly vibrant life of this man who tore across the steppes, awash in turmoil and war, as the ruler of his people!
This is an authentic historical novel depicting Genghis Khan's sweeping military rule from his childhood onward!

Domino Kick

#10277 Domino Kick

Alternative: ドミノキック , ドミノキック
Authors/Artists: Shitakamiki Ruco

Sae, a young lady of a wealthy family, sometimes can't control herself and gets the urge to behave in a manner unbefitting of her upbringing. It's her butler's job to intervene. This is the original Niconico Seiga version of "Domino Kick - Naraberareta Domino o Kick Shitara Dou Naru no Kashira?" (I wonder what would happen if I kicked a line of dominoes). As opposed to the Gangan Online version, it doesn't have the subtitle and has a partially different set of chapters.

Youkai Shoujo - Monsuga

#5057 Youkai Shoujo - Monsuga

Alternative: 妖怪少女 -モンスガ- , Monster Girl (Funatsu Kazuki) , Youkai Shoujo -Monsuga- , 妖怪少女 -モンスガ-
Authors/Artists: Funatsu Kazuki

From MangaHelpers:

Part time worker at a general store in Akiba, Yatsuki encounters a beautiful girl named Roka when she lands on his face in the middle of a park. Much to his surprise, he's able to become friends with this beautiful girl... but she hides a terrible secret that Yatsuki will find out soon enough. With other beautiful girls that surround him, including his little sister Nanao and the maid cafe girl Moru, Yatsuki will have to fight to protect the supernatural girls around him. [DrCoke]

Nishizuru Yakki is a permanent part-timer, regular customer in a maid-cafe, and 20-year-old virgin. What makes him special is his ability to see ghosts. But ghosts are not monsters, they are mostly harmless. At least our hero can live by simply ignoring them. Yakki never believed in monsters until the day when he meets the girl named Rokka. This cheerful girl appears to have a secret...

Saito-kun wa Chounouryokusha Rashii

#182 Saito-kun wa Chounouryokusha Rashii

Alternative: サイトーくんは超能力者らしい , 斋藤君的超能力情结? , Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii
Authors/Artists: Imigi Muru

Saitou, a rather arrogant kid, announces his super power to his class on the first day of high school. He imagines that it will make all the girls swoon, and he'll be crazily popular. Unfortunately, his ability to bend a spoon looks more like a cheap trick than a super power, and everyone laughs in his face. Soon he learns that he is not the only kid with superpowers at the school, and there is even a Super Powers Research Club. He soon finds himself dragged into the society of a friendly invincible girl, a violent telekinetic girl, and a mind-reader. Rather than being swooned over, Saitou appears to have the least impressive ability of the group! Is there any way for him to get the happy high school life he was hoping for?

Baki - Son Of Ogre

#6341 Baki - Son Of Ogre

Alternative: Grappler Baki - Son of Ogre , Hanma Baki , Baki The Grapple , Baki Son of Ogre , Baki SoO , 範馬刃牙 , Son of Ogre
Authors/Artists: Itagaki , Itagaki Keisuke , Keisuke

There are three series of Baki; this one is Grappler Baki, the first one. 1-Grappler Baki(1991-1999) 42 volumes 2-New Grappler Baki(1999-2005) 31 volumes 3-Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre(2005-12-05) ? volumes "To be the strongest in the world!" That is Baki Hanma's dream. The mysterious, young, martial artist aspires to follow in his sinister father's footsteps as the world's strongest creature. But to what lengths will Baki go? We follow the young grappler as he matures in a world full of some of the strongest fighters and how he overcomes all obstacles in order to face his father one day in the fighting ring. From the jungles to and underground martial arts tournament, Baki is put to the test from fighters all over the world. This brutal, yet a masterpiece of gritty martial arts features detailed and action-packed artwork by Keisuke Itagaki and continues to build a fan base seeking incredible martial arts manga.

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