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Rakuen Route

#1114 Rakuen Route

Alternative: 楽園ルウト , Paradise Route , Way To Paradise , Heavenly Route , Khu vườn thiên sứ(vietnamese) , 天使樂園 , Khu vườn thiên sứ(vietnamese)
Authors/Artists: Tsukimiya An

One day, an angel fell from heaven. Along the way, she lost two of her feathers. Now, she is banished from heaven until she can find them, and thus our story begins...


#1116 S.L.H


On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Kozue Hiyoki is visited in her dreams by a man who steals her heart- literally! Determined to find him and retrieve her stolen heart, Hiyoki, with the color of the man’s hair and the tattoo on his chest as her only leads, enrolls in the S-Hall dormitories of St. Nazareth Academy, but quickly realizes that its residents are not at all like she expected… For starters, they’re all guys!

There, Hiyoki soon discovers that she has the ability to look inside her dorm-mates’ dreams, which may be the key to uncovering the identity of the thief who stole her heart…. But perhaps her biggest challenge is that most of the guys won’t let Hiyoki into their rooms, much less their hearts!

Popcorn Avatar

#1119 Popcorn Avatar

Alternative: ポップコーンアバター , ?????????? , Poppukohna Avatar
Authors/Artists: Hoshino , Hoshino Koichiro , Koichiro

A young boy, saddened and bitter, attempts to take his life. All goes as planned until a foreigner mysteriously appears...

A Channel

#1122 A Channel

Alternative: Aチャンネル , A-Channel , A Channel , A แชนแนล สี่แสบซ่า บ้าขั้นเอ , A Channel - Days in Junior High School , Aチャンネル ~days in junior high school~
Authors/Artists: Kuroda Bb

4-koma about the daily lives of Tooru who has just entered the same high school as her best and childhood friend Run-chan, who is now a second year, and her friends Yuuko-chan (whom Tooru bullies cause they meet under bad circumtances) & Nagi-chan (who watches).

Gyarugewe no Sekai yo, Youkoso!

#1124 Gyarugewe no Sekai yo, Youkoso!

Alternative: ギャルゲヱの世界よ、ようこそ! , Gal Game no Sekai yo, Youkoso! , Galgame no Sekai yo, Youkoso! , Galge no Sekai yo, Youkoso! , Gyaruge no Sekai yo, Youkoso! , Gyarugee no Sekai yo, Youkoso! , Welcome to the World of Galgame! , ギャルゲヱの世界よ、ようこそ! , 欢迎光临美少女游戏世界
Authors/Artists: Moritaka Takashi , Tao Noritake

Takenori is a major fan of Dating Sims. One day, he receives a strange eMail that tells him he can be the main character and asks him to insert the source material for his new world.

Takenori inserts his favorite Dating Sim "Eternal Innocence" and after strange things he mistakens for a dream, wakes up - to find that all the heroines from Eternal Innocence have come to life in his usual surroundings!

Sensei to Watashi (MINASE Ai)

#1125 Sensei to Watashi (MINASE Ai)

Alternative: センセイと私。 , Teacher and Me
Authors/Artists: Minase Ai

From Manga Abyss:

Yoshino Haruka, 16-years-old, substitutes for her sister at an arranged meeting and ends up falling in love with Kunihiro-san... To discover the day after that he is her new home room teacher! How are the two of them going to deal with this forbidden relationship?


#1126 Onidere

Alternative: オニデレ , 鬼骄 , Oni Dere , Lovey Dovey Demon

Tadashi is in his second year of junior high school and is a member of the handicraft club and loves nothing more than knitting. Unfortunately he's in a secret relationship with Saya, the member of a notorious all-girl gang, who says she will kill him and herself if anyone ever finds out about it.


#1127 197X


Long, long ago, when things like VHS, Betamax and satellite broadcasting didn’t exist yet, there lived a boy who loved watching movies over anything else - until one day he found something much more interesting to do in the darkness of the movie hall…

Dokyusei H kara Hajimaru Koi

#1128 Dokyusei H kara Hajimaru Koi


A collection of short stories from the pages of Sho-Comi!

Story 1: Side Seat de Daite by Shinjo Mayu
Mamii is in love with Sawaii, the person everyone considers to be a dork. When she confesses to him, he tells her he has conditions for dating her. What are the conditions? And is Sawaii the person she really thinks he is?

Story 2: Brazen Lovers (3 chapters) by Mio Ayukawa
Yuuna's mother moves them everytime she breaks up with a boyfriend. This new place is a real dump. Annoyed, Yuuna heads off to the beach where she meets a very sexy guy. Sou says "Lets always be together." but when Yuuna wakes up he's gone! Two people like this are bound to meet again...

Story 3: Feel It, Roast Virgin by Kousaka Yuuka
Rika is a virgin and is very nervous about her first night with her boyfriend Yuuya. It doesn't help that Yuuya tries to do it everywhere, outside, at school, he's ready! But will Rika be ready?

Story 4: St. Gal Chick Valentine's Day by Ibuki Kaede
Mika's school has separate buildings for boys and girls and the girls have asked Mika as a student representative to get them co-ed classrooms so they can spend Valentine's Day with school idol, Subaru. Mika vows to try her hardest, even though Subaru annoys her. But maybe he's not such a bad guy.

Story 5: Secret Apple by Toda Megumi
Sakura Kazuki and Katou Ryu are lovers who have been meeting secretly for two years. Because they were once step siblings, and their parents had a messy divorce, they can't tell anyone. Will they ever be able to love freely?

Story 6: Double Face The Dangerous Classmate by Uchuuda Kai
It seems Kuroda has been caught in yet another dangerous situation! The boy; whom she considers rudest in her class, Yuuki; has locked the door to the sport supply closet..

Gakuen Heaven (Yaoi)

#1129 Gakuen Heaven (Yaoi)


Keita Itou—a boy with no special qualities other than superb luck—suddenly receives an acceptance letter from the renowned all-boys Bell Liberty Academy (a.k.a. BL Academy). Attracted by the school’s prestige, he decides to attend. However, on the day of his transfer, he gets into a freakish traffic accident. Luckily, no one is injured...but the incident arouses the attention of both the Student Council’s president, Tetsuya Niwa (a.k.a. the king), as well as the head of the Budget Council, Kaoru Saiyonji (a.k.a. the queen).

Keita works to discover the reasons behind his invitation to such a remarkable school, struggles to find his niche among such brilliant and beautiful young men, and attempts to win the school-wide contest that will grant his wish of permanent placement at BL Academy! Along the way, he develops intense relationships with the rest of the hunky characters: clever Naruse, the captain of the tennis club; pensive Shinomiya, the captain of the archery club; sensitive Iwai, the captain of the art club; spunky Taki, a cyclist; cold and calculating Nakajima, the vice president of the Student Council; genius computer programmer, Shichijo; the childlike teacher, Umino, and the friendly but mysterious classmate, Kazuki Endou.

Will he discover the mystery of his friend, Kazuki Endou?

From Baka-Updates:
In the Gakuen Heaven (HIGURI You) series:

V.1 - Gakuen Heaven
V.2 - Nakajima Hen (Closer to You)
V.3 - Tanba Hen
V.4 - Endou Hen - Calling You
V.5 - Shichijou Hen - Sweet Sweet Darling!

Acchi Kocchi

#1130 Acchi Kocchi

Alternative: あっちこっち , 一起一起这里那里 , Place to Place , туда-сюда , Туда-сюда , Kesana Kesini
Authors/Artists: Ishiki

Acchi Kocchi follows the misadventures, screw ups and idiocy of 5 schoolmates: Io, Tsumiki, Hime, Mayoi and Sakaki. 4-koma.

Ichigo Jikan

#1133 Ichigo Jikan

Alternative: 草莓时间 , Nae Jikan , Strawberry Time
Authors/Artists: Kumagai Kyoko

Ichiko is all set to move into her new dorm...except there isn't any space left! She ends up with a key to a small apartment nearby. But she's not the only one assigned to it...! It happens to belong to cool older guy Ran, and he isn't too happy with the new living arrangements!

Summary: Nagareboshi Manga

Fetish Berry

#1135 Fetish Berry

Alternative: フェティッシュベリー , 恋物癖物语 , 青澀戀物女
Authors/Artists: Aki Arata

From Day of the River:

An unhealthy obsession with boys' hands, voices, and other things. Protagonist Mizuhara Hiyori has a difficult-to-explain fetish. In order to live a peaceful life, she hides her fetish away from the world and entered Blue Star Academy. There, she meets Narita Naohisa, a beautiful boy who discovers her fetish one day at school. How? Because he possesses all of the lovely qualities that Hiyori fetishizes! However, Narita-kun turns out to be a rather troublesome teenager...

Kyou kara Ore wa!!

#1140 Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Alternative: 今日から俺は!! , 오늘부터 우리는 , Due come noi , From Today On, It's My Turn!! , Simula Ngayon, Ako Naman!! , Od dziś, moja kolej !! , 我是大哥大!! , От днес нататък е мой ред , С этого дня я буду
Authors/Artists: Nishimori Hiroyuki

After Mitsuhashi’s family moves into a new neighborhood, he decides to use the opportunity to become a delinquent. Upon meeting Itou he finds out that he wasn’t the only one who had this idea. Making friends and foes along the way will these two take over their school or just end up as wannabes?

Samurai High School

#1146 Samurai High School

Alternative: サムライハイスクール; 武士高校
Authors/Artists: Kashiwaba Hiro

In a modern country where the government is controlled by a Martial Shogun and samurai receive much respect, there lives identical twins of the Sakakido family. Kou, the brother, is very feminine, excels at cooking, cleaning, arts and crafts. Tsukiko, the sister, is masculine, loves fighting and is a combat genius. The twins learn about the Samurai High School, where men test their strength and women test their femininity, but the only way they can attend is by swapping places. If they are to be found cheating, they will be executed so they have to overcome their gender differences and maintain their secret. [vyc]


#1149 Zero


In the middle of a high school assembly, all of the students suddenly collapse. The one behind it all is a girl named Mao who holds a grudge. She's out for revenge against the entire school!

Futari no Himitsu

#1151 Futari no Himitsu

Alternative: ふたりのヒミツ。 , 两个人的秘密 , Futari no Himitsu. , Our Secret: What Makes Two of Us , What Makes Two Of Us , Futari no Himitsu
Authors/Artists: Moro Orie

From Sapphire Sky: Saijou Kiki is a model and child star, but with the release of her new commercial, her popularity skyrockets. At school, she harbours feelings for Takumi-kun... but she somehow ends up kissing Teppei, his friend?! And what's more, they've switched bodies due to some sort of old legend?!

Papillon - Hana to Chou

#1153 Papillon - Hana to Chou

Alternative: パピヨン 花と蝶 , 花与蝶 , Butterfly - Flower and Butterfly , Papillon (UEDA Miwa) , Papillon (French) , Papillon - Flower and Butterfly , Chrysalis: Flower & Butterfly , Papillon: Hana to Chou , Papillon (UE
Authors/Artists: Miwa , Ueda , Ueda Miwa

Ageha, an ordinary (and rather unpopular) girl, is constantly overshadowed by her popular and beautiful twin sister, Hana. Because Ageha grew up in the countryside with their grandmother while Hana was raised by their parents, the two girls ended up with drastically different personalities.For the most part, Ageha remains a silent and hidden student in the school, with only one friend (who is not all that nice either). In fact, nobody even really knows that she is Hana s twin sister, because despite looking alike, there is still a large gap between their levels of beauty and popularity. When Hana finds out that Ageha has a crush on a cute boy named Ryuusei (who is actually Ageha s childhood friend from the countryside), Hana becomes curious about their relationship.However, after hearing that Ryuusei hates people like Hana, Hana becomes irritated and using her charming personality, actually manages to snag Ryuusei as her boyfriend! Ageha is left with no one, but thanks to the strange new school counselor, and some unexpected allies, Ageha decides to do her best to get Ryuusei back.

Become Habituated to Kiss

#1157 Become Habituated to Kiss


From Loyal Kiss: What if one day a stranger suddenly kissed you like in a movie? And furthermore, that person was handsome like a movie star? A heavy eater and simple minded, A slow witted girl with no sense at all. However, she is the area`s best fighter, Kang DaYeon. When she saves a person on the brink of death, he shows his gratitude with a sweet and sensual kiss. The weird transfer student Kang Uh yuk (Oh yuk?). An exciting story of taming and being tamed!

Koicha no Osahou (Tea for Two)

#1159 Koicha no Osahou (Tea for Two)

Alternative: Koicha no Osahou , Tea for Two , The Etiquette of Tea , Teatime Lovin' (German) , 찐한차 만드는 법 (Korean)
Authors/Artists: Sakuragi Yaya

From BLU:
Get ready for hot tea and hotter action in this tale of opposites attracting on the tatami mats. Poor Tokumaru Madoka is just a regular energetic guy that can't seem to go even five minutes without breaking something. One day his hapless sister has had enough, and she forces him to join their high school’s Tea Ceremony Club, hoping to instill a little discipline in her hopeless klutz of a brother. Tea Ceremony Club president Hasune Kazuma is Tokumaru’s complete opposite. The tall, dark president is the pinnacle of restraint, having been taught from a young age how to uphold his family’s traditions. The sophisticated president and his awkward pupil conceal a brewing attraction, but they can’t avoid steaming each other up. But even full to the brim with passion, will the two of them be able to bridge their differences and get along with each other?

Ways of the Jogang Jicheo

#1160 Ways of the Jogang Jicheo

Alternative: 조강지처 길들이기 , Cô dâu bé xinh , The Ways of the Jogang Jicheo , Taming Jogang Jicheo
Authors/Artists: Han , Han Yu-rang , Yu-rang

Seobang(1) my ass! Who is your hubby, And who are you calling my manura(2) ? Promise between households? Pu! Who cares about that kind of thing! Oh goodness, our neighbors, Just listen to the way he is talking. I am telling you to keep the promise Since it\\\'s a vow between two households! It is not as if I`ve become your manura Because I wanted to be!!! Anakne(3) virtues are; One: Carefulness of conduct, Two: Carefulness of conduct. This is the way she was taught to act, Genuine country maiden Kim Seon-Nyeo. Because of resistance(?) from Cha Eun-Hyeok who is to become her seobangnim(4), She gives up on trying to be the perfect wife, And reveals her true nature As a hot-blooded fighting art specialist! Taming Jogang Jicheo(5)? It is actually taming Jogang Jibu(6)! (1) Hubby (2) Wifey (3) All of women (4) -nim makes it to become a formal way of calling seobang(hubby). (5) Wife who has shared one`s hardships (6) Husband (literal meaning father) who has shared one`s hardships

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo (MORINAGA Milk)

#1165 Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo (MORINAGA Milk)

Alternative: くちびるためいきさくらいろ (II) , Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink (II) , Secret Girlfriends
Authors/Artists: Morinaga Milk

Nana and Hitomi have been together for several months now. They kissed, they had sex, but their relationship is still a secret for everybody else. However things may be starting to change...

Note: Do not confuse this manga with the oneshot volume. This is an ongoing manga -- a continuation of the oneshot under the same name, continuing the story of Hitomi and Nana. There are four oneshots featuring Hitomi and Nana that take place before this manga, see the Related Series links for more info.

Nana X Hitomi Series List:

Chap: 1-->Even if we're not friends
Chap: 2--> If I kiss her ring finger
Chap: 3--> Chocolate kiss kiss
Chap: 4--> Wishing on the moon...
Chap: 5--> Secret Girlfriends


#1166 Magikano

Alternative: マジカノ , Magicano , Majikano , 魔法美少女
Authors/Artists: Momose , Momose Takeaki , Takeaki

Yoshikawa Haruo is just your average middle school boy who doesn`t have many goals, other than to live a long life. He is the eldest of his family, and lives with his 3 younger sisters in a home with no parents. He is completely unaware of his sisters` magical powers, and supposedly has some of his own, but they have not been discovered yet. One day, a mysterious, yet beautiful, girl appears before him. This is Mamiya Ayumi, who also has magical powers. Her goal is to make Haruo into a man so that she can break the curse that was put on her as a young child. To do so, she is forced to work as a maid in their house. She`s adored by all the boys in school, but hated by Kurusou Yuri, the serious, driven, and orderly class president who has had a crush on Haruho since they were young...

Tonari no Koigataki

#1178 Tonari no Koigataki

Alternative: となりの恋がたき , となりの恋がたき わがままいっちゃん 弱虫ヒロくん , 隔壁的情敌 , Tonari no Koi ga Taki , Love Next to a Waterfall
Authors/Artists: Shiraishi Yuki

From Intercross: Hiro-kun and Icchan are both very important childhood friends to Akane. She thought they would always and forever be good friends, but...

Sonna Mirai wa Uso de Aru

#1182 Sonna Mirai wa Uso de Aru

Alternative: そんな未来はウソである , 我的未来不是真 , That Future is a Lie , Such a Future Like That Is a Lie , That Future Is a Lie , Sonna Mirai wa Uso de Aru , Such Future is a Lie
Authors/Artists: Sakuraba Coharu

A girl who can see the future. Another girl who knows if what you're telling is true or not.

Chrome Shelled Regios

#1184 Chrome Shelled Regios

Alternative: 鋼殻のレギオス , 鋼殻(こうかく)のレギオス , Kōkaku no Regios , Koukaku no Regios
Authors/Artists: Amagi , Amagi Shuusuke , Miyuu , Shuusuke

In this school fantasy story set in the distant future, creatures contaminated by pollution have overtaken the land, forcing humanity to live in isolated mobile cities called Regios. One such city named Czerni is a self-contained school in which freshman Reifon Aruseifu has just enrolled. Reifon reluctantly joins the 17th Martial Arts Studies Unit led by the third-year student Nina Ant?ku and embarks on a series of adventures.

It is an original side story that focuses more on Nina.

Mitsuai Celeb

#1185 Mitsuai Celeb

Alternative: 蜜愛セレブ

From Intercross:
A collection of short stories.

1) Friendly Fire by YOKOYAMA Mayumi
Azusa was recently dumped by her boyfriend, so her best friend, Naoto, tries to cheer her up. However, the following morning Azusa wakes up next to Naoto, naked and covered in kiss marks... What the heck happened!!?!

2) B?F Romance by MITSUKI Kako
The first meeting was caused by Misato's hair getting caught on Nagao's button. The second time, coincidentally the same thing happened. A fated meeting with a boy with a hidden secret.

3) Ookamitachi no Shiikuhou by SHIIBA Nana
Meguri's parents are overseas so she is entrusted with her new friend's family. She's living together with two bullying brothers in a gorgeous house. And there is only a brief time to be pleased...

4) 7 Days by KONNO Risa
Satsuki of the track and field club is attracted to Kishimoto-kun, who motivated her to get out of her slump. But he's going to transfer in a week.

5) Mikkai Coffee Flavor by MOTOMI Kyousuke
Ayuko ends up taking care of the house on her own on a stormy night. Shouta, who's in the same class as her, ends up coming over, but she was rather unprepared...

6) Puchi no Koto by MAME Moyashi
It's a story about the overflowing love and deep emotions between a tiny, overweight rabbit named Petite and Mame Moyashi!!

Koharu no Hibi

#1188 Koharu no Hibi

Alternative: こはるの日々 Koharu days , Koharu Days , こはるの日々 , 小春伴身边 , Days of Koharu , Indian Summer Days and Us , Hari-hari Koharu
Authors/Artists: Ooshiro Youkou

On his way to school, Torii Akira helps a girl who was about to fall down. From that moment he keeps running into that girl, and she seems very happy to see Akira. Could this be the reason Akira can't help but smile all day?

Before long, however, Akira begins to notice the true face of that girl. Her obsession growing every day, Koharu's eccentricity causes her to take anything involving Akira to the extreme, disregarding the concerns and well-being of others as she seeks her senpai's affection.

Note: Contains mind fucks...

Money Ace X

#1189 Money Ace X

Alternative: M.A.X.
Authors/Artists: Bak Kyung Lan , Huh Gook Hwa

From Eclipse Scans:
Namu goes to a school where all the elites get idolized by the 'non-elites'. From models to computer geniuses, these students make tons of money on their own! Because the school gates are always crowded by screaming fans of these elites, it is difficult for Namu to get to class on time. One day, however, a new transfer student helps Namu out in her morning predicament. Guess who gets categorized as an elite almost immediately?


#1191 Gosick

Alternative: ゴシック , Goshik , Goshikku , Gothic
Authors/Artists: Amano Sakuya , Sakuraba Kazuki

Set in a fictional European country in 1924, a Japanese exchange student meets a mysterious, brilliant girl who only leaves the library to sleep. Her brother, a detective, relies on her mind to solve difficult mysteries, several of which draw her away from the library. With a drop of sweet romance, you will immediately become addicted to Gosick!!!

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